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Should Sofa Be Placed Against The Wall or Somewhere Else For Good Feng Shui?

The living hall is a space where we gather and relax with our loved ones. Thus it is important to have a well-designed layout that follows the Feng Shui rules to create a harmonious space with positivity. The most prominent furniture in the living room is the sofa, so we must pay extra attention to its placement. It is best to position the sofa against the wall, instead of floating in any other places, why is it so?

Why is it recommended to position the sofa against the wall?

The living room represents the male owner, so the sofa plays an important role in this space. Without a sturdy support, it symbolises that the male owner may have difficulties in getting support from benefactors.

In the lens of psychology, if you have your back leaning against a solid wall, you will feel more secure. You will not be distracted or startled by any noise or movement behind. Beside sofa, it is also advisable to have your work desk and bed headboard supported against a wall too.

sofa against wall

How Does It Impact You?

1. The person sitting on the sofa may feel uneasy with his/her back facing the door.

2. The male owner may feel uncomfortable and seldom stays at home. 

3. The male owner may not have nobleman assisting him and may face disagreements and disputes in his career.

How to Resolve Sofa Not Against The Wall?

1. The most optimal and straightforward resolution of course is to move the sofa to a position that allows it to be placed against the solid wall.

2. There might be a situation that your house layout does not permit for such movement, for example, space constraint. Alternatively, you can consider placing a divider behind the sofa. This can be served as a support for the sofa too.

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