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Our Goal is to help connect people to ancient art in the modern context

About OneBluePrint

OneBluePrint is an educational website that assist to uncover an individual unique blueprint by re-discovering one’s life with the ancient art of life profiling tool – Zi Wei Dou Shu in Modern Context.

OneBluePrint’s mission is to EVOLVE through the ancient art, EDUCATE in the modern context, inspire to ELEVATE your life to a greater altitude.

Our Founder – Lynn

I am a true-born and raised Singaporean. At the age of 18, my father passed away leaving behind my mum, a younger sister and brother. I was pursing my IT diploma during that time and I must say life was tough especially for my mum who started to work for her first time, in order to make the ends meet. After graduated, I started to work as a IT programmer, while pursing my bachelor degree in IT. The paycheck was not too bad during that time and I thought I would be in IT industry for the rest of my life, even though I had to work long hours due to the nature of the work.

One day, I woke up and decided to leave my 10 years of IT career and started to work as a Financial Consultant. Friends around me were shocked, as I am someone who always hide behind the computer and doing my own stuff. To be a Financial Consultant, it requires me to walk out of my comfort zone and to be proactive, in order to “close a sale”. As I was being told, being a Financial Consultant, I am able to help my friends to get insured or start their investment. I can be their financial planner, assisting them to plan for their retirement financially.

However, after being in this industry for almost another 10 years of my life, I realized that there is a limit to how much I can assist them. I have seen my friends’ life falling apart, working hard for money even though they hate their job to the core, broken relationships and divorce, problem getting along with their children, etc. This is the point that I lost my purpose in life once again. 

How Do I Get into Zi Wei Dou Shu?

When one door closes, another opens; this is my turning point, when I started to reconnect back with Chinese Metaphysics in order to revisit my life purpose. My first encounter with Chinese Metaphysics, is on Home Feng Shui when I am more keen on how to increase my wealth aka “close a deal” back then.

After which, I realized there is another part of the Ancient Art that not only allow to know myself more, it also answered a lot of my questions about life,  e.g. What kind of job is more suitable for me, how do I get along well with my life partner, how can I improve my parenting skills with my 3 years daughter and etc.

My learning journey is not as smooth sailing as I thought it will be. I have been exposed to a lot of traditional teachings that is” believed” that one has to resign to his/her fate. But for me, I strongly believed that destiny is to be held in my own hands and not in others. I have invested ton of dollars and time in researching in this study, till I found the rightful mentor in Taiwan.

Why Do I Want To Spread This Goodness?

Now as a certified practitioner, my vision is to assist my friends to find their life purposes and directions in life, just like how Zi Wei Dou Shu has helped me found mine. I also want to bust the traditions and myths about the mystical foretelling session that may bring misleading information and threats, instead of enlightenment in finding one’s direction. Today, I can truly, call myself a Life Planner.

If you ever have any queries or any assistance required, feel free to connect with me and I will be more than delighted to assist.

All the best,


How You Can Design Your Destiny

with Modernized Zi Wei Dou Shu

Take a glance at the video below to learn about how you can be your own life designer by applying the ancient art – Zi Wei Dou Shu in modern context. 

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