What Career Should I Do

What Career Should I Do? Here Is How You Can Find The Right Fit

“What career should i do?”

“Am I suitable to do what I am doing now?”

“I want to quit my current job, but what can I do next?”

“I am having my mid-life crisis now, what can I do as my next career?”

Does all these questions sound familiar or relate to you? These are the commonly asked questions during most of my consultation sessions.

I have heard from some friends that they are being advised to be work in a particular industry, based on their birth elements.

Here are some typical examples:

Those with Metal elements are suitable to be in the financial industry or to serve in the military department. Those with earth elements are suitable to be in the property industry.

We are already in the 20th century so the ancient methods of determining our career paths is no longer feasible. In contrast, we should utilise this ancient art in the modern context.

In the olden days, it is more feasible that if you are born with water element, you can be a fisherman. For those born with earth element, you can be a farmer and likewise, for those with the wood element, you can be a woodcutter. But, did you realised that our current job nature in this modern world has shifted towards hybrid job functions?

In order to make the right and informed decision in selecting your career path, you can leverage on your destiny chart to uncover your interest, potential and suitabilities to find the right career fit.

As the name implied in the Zi Wei Dou Shu chart, we will instinctively refer to the career palace in the chart to find the answer. However, this is not how it works. We should not just based on a single career palace. We should take reference from co-related palaces to uncover the complete hidden story.

What Career Should I Do

Career Palace – What Career Should I Do?

The career palace define one’s attitudes and behaviour in seeking the core responsibilities in life. It can also further establish the suitable job description and not only the job title.

Here are some illustrations:

  • A student’s core responsibilities is to attain academic success in school.
  • A housewife’s  core responsibilities is to take care of her family. The well being of the family will be her utmost joy in her life.

If you are a working adult and cannot find happiness and self-satisfaction in the existing career, it is a strong indication that the current job scope does not match your expectations.

Self Palace – Uncover Your Innate Potential

This palace denotes an individual’s personality, capabilities and innate potential. It works like a brain that has the abilities to influence all other palaces, so we must also examine this palace when deciding one’s career choice.

What career should i do for more money

Wealth Palace – Are You Having Your Expected Income?

You may be in your preferred job as indicated in the Career Palace, but it does not mean that your expected income is met. That is why we also need to refer to the Wealth Palace in finding the suitable job that can bring us monetary fulfillment as well.

Wealth Palace is being described as the igniter to the Life Palace, just like the fuel to a car. It can further motivate us to pursue the core purposes and responsibilities in our career and life.

Other Palaces – More Than Meets The Eye

Besides the wealth palace, we can also look at the Spiritual Palace to reveal the methods how an individual can make money from. For entrepreneurs, it is important to know the relationship with your customers, so an insight into the Friends Palace reveals that.

For business owners that require partnership, the “Property Palace” is the one we should dig into. If you want to know the probability of this business venture success, we need to take reference to the “Property Palace”, together with the “Children Palace”. It will unveil if the business can sustain in the long run.

In this evolving era of technology, jobs are replaced and created simultaneously at fast pace. Instead of succumbing to the current unhappiness, you may be pleasantly surprised to find the right career fit once you have deciphered the secret of your destiny chart in the modern context.

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