Is Personality Test Accurate

Is Personality Test Accurate? The Truth Behind It

Have you ever tried any personality test before? They are tests that required you to answer some MCQs or even taking such test online. Is personality test accurate in revealing your personality type or just waste of time? Most of us might find the test outcome to be inconsistent and here are some reasons behind it:

4 Reasons That Affect Personality Test Accuracy

1. When you are taking the test, have you ever tried to tweak your answers a bit to control the result? This scenario usually happened when we are affected by external factors, for example taking the test with your superior that you want to impress.

2. The feeling and emotion on that day you took the test – Are you feeling moody or happy? The outcome changes because the input to the test rely largely on your mood and behavior and is not a predetermined input.

3. Result changes over time because there might be happenings around you that affect your mindset and thoughts over the years.

4. You might feel lethargic after filling up the tons of questions and tends to speed up the process by answering hastily.

Based on the above reasons, do you still think the personality tests are accurate?

Here is solution to know what is your innate personality type – Your birth chart DOES NOT change because it uses fixed input.

Zi Wei Dou Shu astrology outcome are established based on your birth data. Similarly to DNA, your birth data cannot be changed because this is what you born with. Your birth day and time is fixed. 

In conclusion, Is personality test accurate? It really boils down to individual’s preference and choice but in my own opinion, I prefer using Zi Wei Dou Shu human profiling tool because it enables me to discover more about other aspects of life other than just my own personality.

Realizing your strengths and blind spots can transform one’s life and it changed my life, how about you? 

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