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The Art of Effective Planning with Annual Zi Wei Dou Shu Consultation

Are you someone who loves to plan and take action to make a big difference in your life? Do you love to come out with New Year’s resolutions? If yes, you can use the ancient tool of Zi Wei Dou Shu to make the most of the time ahead. In this article, I will share my view on leveraging on Zi Wei Dou Shu consultation to forearm yourself to make an informed decision on important milestones in our life, or even the upcoming year.

有很多找我咨询的朋友都经常问我这个问题,我应该几时再回来找你,重温我的命盘。 我每听到这个问题,我都很欣慰,因为这表示他已经领悟到紫微斗数,能帮她更了解自己和大方向的局势。

Many friends and clients who have been to my Zi Wei Dou Shu consultation often ask me this question. “When should I come back to you and review my chart again?”

I feel gratified each time I hear this question. This is because it means that he/she has realized that Zi Wei Dou Shu profiling can give a heads-up to the potential up and downs to get prepared. Through understanding what lies ahead, it also allows you to make calculated and informed decision in any aspects of life in the upcoming year.
所以我的建议是 : 1) 当您需要做出生命里重大的决定时。例如想要创业,迎接新的生意伙伴,了解婚姻现状,搬新家,等等等等。 2) 每年农历新年之前,预知新的一年的运势。俗称流年运势。

When Should You Go To A Zi Wei Dou Shu Consultation?

1. Making Decision on Important Milestones in Life

Some examples are starting a new business, business venture with partners, marriage status, moving house, changing jobs and many others.

2. Annual Forecast

It will be good to know what lies ahead before the start of a new year to get prepared and take action. Many people love to refer to the Chinese Zodiac Forecast along streets or in the temples during the Chinese New Year’s period. But is it sufficient or even accurate?
zi wei dou shu reading 2023
生命重要的决定,这就很好懂。那什么又是流年运势呢?这和每年想知道自己的生肖有没有不犯太岁和新的一年我需要注意什么是同样的意思。 不一样的是如果只参考自己出生那一年的生肖,在我们的八字里的,我们只参考八个字里的其中一字而已。

You might feel those publicly published zodiac forecasts are not accurate. Yes, you are right. This is because the prediction is only based on the year pillar of the Bazi that comprises only 1/8 of the complete story. That is why we always say that not all Dragons are going to have the same happening in the year. So it is important to get more accurate prediction using your exact date/time with Zi Wei Dou Shu or Bazi.

那什么又是紫微斗数的流年运势呢? 命运的产生是人跟环境的对应。人不可能脱离环境之外的。 所以流年的整体局势,就是大环境对我个人的影响是什么,有什么我特别需要注意的。

What is Zi Wei Dou Shu Annual Luck Forecast?

Destiny is created from the correspondence and interaction between human and the environmental factors. So we cannot escape from that. For example, this Covid pandemic is affecting everyone in the world, however the actions taken by individual shape the outcome. Therefore, we must understand how the overall environment affects you personally and anything to pay special attention. Annual Zi Wei Dou Shu reading will unveil the potential opportunities and pitfalls in 2022. It can better help you prepare for the actions to be taken and making informed decisions at the right time, down to the month.



To forecast the occurrence in the upcoming year, we must first understand how the time and space affect the stars in the Zi Wei Dou Shu chart. It is technically known as the 4 transformations.

For example, the 4 transformations in 2023 are:

The Vanguard star – Enriched (化禄)
The Dark Gate star – Controlled (化权)
The Moon – Surfaced (化科)
The Desire Wolf – Hollowed (化忌)

So what does that mean? Let’s go through one by one.

zi wei dou shu 2023


What Does Enriched of The Vanguard Star Represent?

Enriched symbolises getting things that didn’t belong to you.

In 2023, the environment enriched the Vanguard star, which enable us to achieve our goals through our creativity, courageous, outraged personality and artistic talent.


Does the Dark Gate Star in Control mean Power and Authority?

The Dark Gate is a dark star which also represents thoughtfulness and well-spoken.

Once this star meets the controlled transformation, it means that you want to be in command and take things under your hand.
In 2023, the environment strengthens the Dark Gate star’s power of speech which enables our words more influential. However, there may be unnecessary verbal arguments when everyone wants to be in control.


Help is Coming This Year?

The Moon star represents meticulousness and likes to give helping help. It also symbolises the figure of a mother and female. Once this star meets the surfaced transformation, in 2023, the environment will enable this female figure to surface to those who need help.


Lost Into The Sea Of Desires?!

The Desire Wolf symbolises desires, people and a love relationship star.

In 2023, under the influence of the hollowed transformation, the environment makes us desire more. This overwhelming feeling leads us to confusion and loss of confidence, which restricts its natal strength.


The above mentioned are the changes in the environment for the upcoming year. We need to match them to our own unique Zi Wei Dou Shu natal, 10 years and annual chart for an accurate forecast.

The palace that the Desire Wolf is located differs from one person to another. For example, if the Desire Wolf star sits in your wealth palace in the annual chart, do take note as you may have unlimited desire for wealth and hope to have multiple methods of earning an income.

However, if the Desire Wolf star falls into the health palace in the annual chart, you need to pay extra attention to your health. Always seek for medical consultation early if you feel unwell, especially with your sleeping quality which may affects your liver eventually.



In summary, it is more effective to craft a plan using an accurate forecast from a Zi Wei Dou Shu consultation. It can make you work toward the goal and committed to achieve results.

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