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Zi Wei Dou Shu Calculator – 5 Mistakes Most People Make When Using It

There are many online Zi Wei Dou Shu calculator apps to be used to plot your life destiny chart, but did you key in the correct information, especially the birth time? The accuracy of the chart depends a lot on the data and one mistake can plot a totally different chart.

Here are some commonly asked questions when using the Zi Wei Dou Shu Calculator

– Do I need to adjust for solar time or just use the actual birth time printed in the birth certificate?
– Does my birth country affect birth time?

Let’s go through one by one and clear your doubt.

5 mistakes that you should avoid when using Zi Wei Dou Shu Calculator

1. Convert Time of Birth base on China Standard Time

Firstly, we have to understand some history of Zi Wei Dou Shu. This methodology originated from the ancient India Jyotish astrology and was brought to the Tang dynasty (7th – 9th century) of China. It was then combined with I Ching (“Yi Jing”) and translated as the Book of Changes with the principles of Ying & Yang, the concept of Five Elements and etc. After centuries of evolution, Zi Wei Dou Shu was born.

Over the years of evolution during the periods of Ming and Qing dynasties (12th – 19th century), different types of practices and techniques, like Feng Shui, Face Reading, Divination and Chinese Medicine are also being incorporated into this holistic system known as Zi Wei Dou Shu today.

We can now understand that Zi Wei Dou Shu today is not fully based on astrology which needs to based on the specific geographical time. Instead, it is based on the very moment when we took our first breath when we are born and that is also when we give rise to the connection with the universal and all creations. Thus it is based on our date and time of birth to formulate our very Life Destiny Chart.

2. Converting Date of Birth to Lunar Birth Date

In Chinese culture, we tend to use our Lunar date of birth as the de facto to key into the Zi Wei Dou Shu calculator. It is neglected that there are leap months in our Chinese Lunar calendar. For example, there may be two Lunar Seventh Month in a certain year.

In most Zi Wei Dou Shu Calculator app, they are able to convert the Gregorian calendar accordingly, so there is no need to do your conversion manually.

3. Different Standard Time For Your Country of Birth

You may be unaware that the birth time recorded in your birth certificate may not be as accurate as you thought it was. This is because there are possibilities the country/district that you are born into may not follow the standard Global Standard Time. It is due to the revised changes in Standard Time due to War occupation time. For example, Malaysia has changed their Standard Time from GMT+09:00 (Tokyo Standard Time) to GMT+07:30 (Daylight Standard Time) and then to the current GMT+08:00 (Malaysia Standard Time)

In this case, we will recommend using Solar time when your time of birth is very close to the next time segment. E.g. if your time of birth is 10:55am, it may result in different set of destiny chart when using the solar time. Note the every time segment, is 2 hours difference e.g. 7am – 9am, 9am – 11am, 11am – 1pm, 1pm – 3pm, 3pm – 5pm, 5pm – 7pm, 7pm – 9pm, 9pm – 11pm, 11pm – 1am, 1am – 3am, 3am – 5am, 5am – 7am.

4 .Did Not Change Date of Birth If Born Between 11 pm to 12 pm

Ancient Chinese timing is based on the segment of every 2 hours (时辰) as mentioned above. Hence when it passed at 11 pm, it will be considered as a brand new day instead of 12pm that we usually use.
If your time of birth happened to be between 11 pm and 12 pm, you will have to add one day to your date of birth. This algorithm has been incorporated into some free charting app but some may not have. So you have to be aware of this when plotting the chart on your own.

5 .Using Free Zi Wei Dou Shu Calculator App That May Auto Change Your Time Of Birth

There are some free apps that used solar time as the actual time of birth. As we have mentioned earlier, we have to base on the exact time of birth instead of Solar Time, unless your country/district of birth does not follow the given Standard Time.

If you are still uncertain about how to determine your time of birth, you may consult our professional consultants for more details. Alternatively, you may proceed to plot your own destiny chart using our online Zi Wei Dou Shu calculator and start to decode and design your destiny.

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