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Tarot Card Reading Vs Astrology Profiling (Which Method to Use?)

Tarot cards and astrology are popular tools many people use to get insight and advice on tough decisions. They often use Tarot card reading in divination, which is the practice of predicting events or telling the future by drawing cards or throwing dice.

On the other hand, we usually do not consider Astrology profiling such as Ba Zi or Zi Wei Dou Shu as divination because it does not involve any divine intervention. Instead, it attempts to interpret the destiny chart derived from your date and time of birth.

So, which one should you use to answer your questions? In this article, we will share which system may work better for you.

First, What is Tarot Card Reading?

The Tarot has been one of the most popular tools for divination and transformation to understand ourselves and the world around us for centuries. The cards are a reflection of our souls, showing us what’s going on both inside and outside of us. They represent the divine connection we have to the forces of the universe.

For centuries, people have relied on Tarot card reading to help them navigate the ups and downs of life. We can interpret each card differently, depending on our intentions and the questions asked. The images printed on the tarot cards hold the secret to unravelling all the answers to our doubts. However, they change whenever we shuffle the cards. This deck of cards taps into our subconscious mind, revealing truths we might not be aware of but always lurking nearby.

When someone wants their fortune told, they shuffle the cards and ask a question. The reader then lays out the cards in a specific pattern and interprets them.

Next, What is Astrology Reading?

On the other hand, Astrology reading, such as BaZi or Zi Wei Dou Shu, is an ancient Chinese system of predicting one’s future based on one’s birth date and time. Using this information, you can plot a destiny chart that gives a holistic view of your life. It interprets the inborn qualities or the “star” that one was born under and uses them to predict what will happen during that person’s lifetime.
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What Are The Differences or Similarities Between Astrology and Tarot Card Reading?

Many people need clarification on the difference or similarities between Tarot card readings and astrology readings. These two types of readings focus on the future but differ in how they do so. So let’s explore further.

1. Tool and Information Required

Tarot reading does not require detailed specific information such as time, place and date of birth to tell you the story. In contrast, astrology needs all of these details for an accurate reading.

Tarot reading is an art that requires a deck of cards to function. Tarots are cards with symbols and images used to predict the future. To use tarots, they must first be “read.” It is usually done by a person trained in tarot reading and can interpret the meaning of the cards.

On the other, for an astrology reading, you need a natal, ten years, and annual chart to answer your doubts.

2. Short Term or Long Term?

Tarot reading is a short-term thought process conducted for near future readings, whilst astrology is a long-term approach. In a tarot reading, the reader draws cards from the deck and interprets their meanings concerning the question posed by the subject.

On the other hand, astrologers believe that one’s characteristics are determined by the date/time of birth and the location at that moment one is born into the world. Besides knowing your traits, you can also use the destiny chart to interpret every aspect of your life, such as wealth, love relationships, health, family and others. So this method is suitable for people who want to know more about their strengths and weaknesses so that they can work on them.

3. Frequency

Tarot reading is a fun and exciting way to get insight into your future. However, it can become addictive if you rely on it too often, so preferably not less than three months is an appropriate guideline. Therefore, it’s best to go for a tarot reading when you feel that you need guidance, such as when making a significant life decision or experiencing a loss.

But in astrology, there is no time restriction to reference back to your destiny chart to make decisions in life. Some people use this method to see daily fortune.

4. Place of Reading

Getting a tarot card or astrology reading can be a very personal experience. One cannot do it in public, with too much noise around. The environment has to be free from noise, clutter, and other distractions. A quiet place is also necessary so the professional consultant can focus on the participant seeking help.

Conclusion – Which Method Is More Accurate: Astrology Tarot Card Reading?

It is difficult to say which method is more accurate because they both have advantages and disadvantages. For example, tarot cards can be easier because you don’t need special knowledge or training. Still, knowing what you’re reading can also be challenging if you’re unfamiliar with tarot card meanings.

On the other hand, astrology reading requires more work because it studies an entire field of expertise. Still, it’s easier to interpret what you see when looking at an astrological chart once you master the subject.

In conclusion, it ultimately depends on your intention and what you want to achieve from the reading. In short, they are tools that do two different jobs. For example, Tarot is the right fit for a faster and easier method to ask a one-off question, but an astrology reading will do the job if you have a broader picture of the entire lifetime.

Remember that astrology or tarot card reading is much more than just reading your fortune. It can help you make decisions, set goals and plan for the future.

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