Zodiac Signs Compatibility

Zodiac Signs Compatibility – How True is It?

Have you heard about Zodiac signs compatibility, especially in marriage, parenting, career, or partnership?

Zodiac Signs Compatibility Clash in Marriage

Question: My husband belongs to the Chinese zodiac animal sign of Tiger and mine is Monkey, so our zodiac clash. We often get into disagreements and quarrel over the most trivial things, is this clash causing the whole issue?

Tradition belief: It will indicate bad things, like conflict, disagreement, and might lead to divorce in the end.

Answer: This is a common reason, or rather an excuse when one’s relationship goes south because that is the easiest way to comfort yourself.

But always remember this: the greatest marriages are built on a basis of adequate communication. You must learn to understand your other half and use the most effective method of communication.

Zodiac Signs Compatibility Clash in Parenting

Question: My kid’s zodiac sign clashes with mine and always goes against me. How can I resolve this issue?

Tradition belief: Many parents are quite convinced by this “zodiac sign clashes” proposition and will try their best to shy away from giving birth to a baby of a clashing zodiac sign. They believed that such babies will bring bad luck and fortune to them.

Answer: There is no such thing as clashing zodiac in parenting, but the right parenting style does play a big part. Many parents think that their kids should change their personality to suit theirs, but do you know that your child is an independent entity with their own thinking? Even twins have their own unique personalities.

You should not only know your kid’s personality but also your own too. Sometimes, it is easier for the parent to change, instead of forcing your little ones to transform.

Zodiac Signs Compatibility Clash in Colleagues

Question: I always get into conflict with this particular colleague whose zodiac clashes with me, so this theory does work.

Tradition Belief: Many bosses or team leaders that believe Chinese Astrology like to recruit their subordinates with zodiac that belong to their harmony group (三合/六合). They believed such subordinates would be obedient and bring good luck to them.

Answer: If you want to achieve good results from the team, it means putting the correct person into a suitable position. Instead of believing in Zodiac compatibility, you should put more time and effort to understand their strength and weakness.


This methodology of defining one’s destiny is too generalized and is not specified to an individual. Chinese Zodiac is only based on the birth year so you cannot rely on this one-eighth of the information to tell the complete story. This inaccuracy will only lead to confusion in making an informed decision.

Zi Wei Dou Shu can tell you the compatibility between 2 individuals, regardless of marriage, love, business, and parenting. 

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