Auspicious Wedding Dates

Auspicious Wedding Dates – Expectation Versus Reality

If the wedding bell is ringing, congratulations to both of you. The first thing that comes to your mind is to choose an auspicious wedding date for this special day. This tradition or practice has been deeply rooted in the Chinese culture that has been passed down generations by generations. But do you know the real meaning behind it or just merely a superstition?

First, take a moment to ponder. Do you really believe that getting hitched on an auspicious wedding date can guarantee you a blissful marriage? Everyone has this wishful expectation but unfortunately, it is only half correct.

Choosing a favorable date for your wedding can lead to a smooth sailing day for the whole day. This symbolizes a joyous new beginning for the couple, but you can only achieve a blissful marriage through proper management and adapting the right communication methods.

Everyone has their own view of whether it requires selection of an auspicious date, so there are no hard and fast rules. A wedding is a happy occasion, so most important is to make everyone in the family happy, especially the elderly folks. Therefore, there is no harm in seeking an auspicious wedding date.

Can I DIY in choosing my auspicious wedding date?

You can choose to DIY and choose the lucky date by referring to the Chinese Almanac, also known as the Tong Shu.  But bear in mind that the dates provided by the Tong Shu is only meant for general reference. You might be interested in this compilation of 2021 dates suitable for wedding.

The chosen date should be personalized based on the couple’s birth data some other specific information.

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