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7 Things To Remove From Your Home For Good Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the practice of encouraging the optimal flow of good energy, also known as Chi, in a living or working space. It suggests you can improve your wealth, fortune and vitality by staying in a harmonious environment with balanced energy.

It is essential to remove any items that are blocking and disrupting the positive energy in your own home. So what you should do now is to take around and remove these items to promote good Feng Shui at home.

1. Keep the Main Entrance Clear and Unobstructed

We regard the main entrance as the mouth of chi, so it is essential to have good energy in this space. Unfortunately, many people like to place shoes, bags, umbrellas, and other items at the main door for convenience. All these items create visual clutter and energy blockage that prevents or limits opportunities from coming into your life.

It will be best if you can have a closed shelved cabinet to keep everything in place inside. Besides promoting good energy, it also creates a clutterless and visually appealing main entrance.

2. Remove Clutter and Unused Stuff Everywhere in The House

We all know that clearing clutter makes the space spacious and promotes better chi flow circulation. Besides the main entrance, clearing clutter and mess from every sector is a good practice. Here are some items you should remove from the house so that stagnant energies will not accumulate.

– Things that bring back bad memories, for example, items that bring back painful memories from a past relationship, events, etc

– Clear expired food from your fridge

– Dispose of items that you have not used for over two years

– Throw away unwanted items like an old newspaper, receipts, etc.

cactus removed for good feng shui

3. No Thorny Plants

It is preferable to avoid keeping cacti or any plants that have prickling spikes at home. It creates poison arrows that cause unnecessary conflicting energies to accumulate. However, you can place them outside your house or balcony to protect against killing energies generated from external structures.

4. Remove TV and Electronic Devices from Bedroom

The bedroom is a space for you to rest and rejuvenate. If you place a TV or electronic device in the bedroom, it creates Yang masculine energy and makes it hard for you to have a good sleep quality. Electronic devices also emit EMF harmful to our health, so remove them from your bedroom.

5. Keep Away Painting with Negative or Wrong Message

If you are displaying paintings in your house. It is good to choose those with the positive messaging. Avoid those that represent negativity.

Here are some examples:

Good painting

  • Sun rise and greenery that symbolise growth 
  • Fish of abundance
  • Blossoming flower 
  • Mountain and water 

Bad painting

  • Sunset 
  • Nudity
  • Ferocious animals 
  • Falling leaves 
  • Skeleton and black crow
  • Violence and killing

6. Throw away Withered or Dead Plants

Plants are good natural air purifiers and also add beauty to your home. It will be best to take good care of them. Throw away dead or withered plants. They represent stagnant energy and might bring unfavourable chi into the space.
repair bulb good feng shui

7. Ditch or Fix Damaged Faulty Lighting/appliances 

Spoilt items disrupt the energy flow in your house and bring stuck chi. Therefore, it is vital to look out for such a situation. For example, replace a burnt-out bulb or clocks that have stopped or fix a leaky faucet. If you cannot repair it, replace it with a new working one.

Besides removing the clutter for good Feng Shui, it is also advisable to open windows and doors to encourage fresh energy flow. It can help to improve the ventilation too.

I hope these tips can help you create a harmonious living and working space if you are working from home too.

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