bed under window feng shui

Feng Shui Tips and Remedy For Bed Under Window

Everyone knows that good sleep quality is the essential ingredient of having good health because it allows the body to rest well and rejuvenate. Therefore, it is important to position your bed in the correct position to achieve this desired outcome.

The bed is best to be in the command position where there is a wall behind you and you have a view of the bedroom door. It helps to strengthen your personal energy and likewise, it will weaken the energy if the bed is under the windows. Scroll down to find out more.

bed under window feng shui

How Does This Formation Being Created?

This situation happens when you are sleeping on a bed that is directly under the window. When we are sleeping at night, we need to have backing support against a solid wall to encourage a feeling of solitary. Similar to the working desk and sofa placement, it is advisable to avoid having any windows behind us too, especially a full-height window.

Why Sleeping with Head Under the Window Not Recommended?

If you are in such a situation, it is considered as bad Feng Shui.

You will have poor sleep quality because of the disruption of the Chi from the outside surrounding environment.

With your head just right under the window, the light coming in from the street will also affect you and create a lacking feeling of security. If you are living near a busy street, the noise and polluted air might also affect you. All these factors have an adverse impact on your health and draining your energy.

How to correct the problem of a bed under a window?

It will negatively impact sleep quality because you will feel the suppressing energy from both sides of the bed. It might even lead to an accident if you knocked your head at the corner of the bedside table since the table is higher than the mattress.

In the long run, it will affect your work or studies and you will not be able to reach your full potential

How to Resolve?

The best remedy for this bad Feng Shui configuration is to shift your bed away from the window while following the best bed Feng Shui position guidelines.

If it is not possible to shift the bed to another location, it will be advisable to install a tall and sturdy headboard to the bed. Besides that, it is also good to have windows blind which help to reduce the impact of the external factors affecting your sleep.

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