working from home tips and tricks

Work From Home Tips and Tricks To Create Good Feng Shui Energy

Working from home has been a new norm in this time of uncertainty or even in our near future. It has its advantages and also posted some challenges. Work from home brings many benefits to one’s lifestyle, but at the same time, it makes it hard to separate work and personal life. In this article, we will share tips to create a positive and conducive work from home office environment by leveraging on the ancient art of Feng Shui.

6 Work From Home Feng Shui Tips

1. Do not mix work and personal life

It is good to physically separate your workspace from your living space, especially your bedroom. You can have a dedicated study room or using a divider to do that. In this way, You will be able to concentrate better and focus on your work.

2. Be organized and declutter

Always keep your working desk organized and free of clutter after your working hour. Clutter can generate stagnant energy and affect your health and mood.

3. Ensure ample lighting and well air ventilation

Remember to Nourish yourself with Vitamin D from the sunlight. If the natural lighting is not feasible, you can utilize a table lamp instead. Working in such an environment can lift up your spirit and also boost your energy level.

Open all windows to encourage airflow so that the stagnant one can be replaced by the crease new one. It will refresh the environment and create a more conducive space to work in.

Tip: If you are having an online meeting, it is good to position your lighting on the right or left and avoid the back that causes overexposure. It helps to improve your professional image and give people a positive impression.

work from home feng shui tips
4. Always Be in Command Position

Always locate your desk in the command position where you can see the door and who is coming in. It is best to have a solid wall as a backing so that you enjoy the solitude of the “mountain”. Alternatively, you can also choose a high backed chair.

5. A Nice View Does Matter

Avoid sitting in the position facing the wall because you will feel that there are many obstacles or hurdles ahead of you. Try to have something motivational like inspiring quotes or painting. If your view is opened out with unpleasant like aircon ledge, neighbour undergarment, construction sites, always hide it with curtains to minimize distraction.

6. Look Out for “poison arrows”

Looking around your surrounding and check for any “poison arrow” sha that has a negative impact on your physical and emotional well-being. This undesirable energy is created by sharp corners of furniture or walls that are directly pointing at you.

The best resolution is to re-locate or remove that furniture in the space that is creating such energy.

In conclusion, everyone has a different situation when working from home so most importantly is to feel great and energized.

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