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Home Office Feng Shui Tips To Boost Productivity

In the current global pandemic situation, everyone has been working from home. It is said that incorporating Feng shui to a workspace can bring vibrant energy that helps to increase focus, regardless if it is a cubicle or home office. Let’s get started to bring good energy to your home office.

5 Home Office Feng Shui Tips to Boost Your Productivity and Efficiency

1. Allocate a dedicated space

It is advisable to separate work and personal life into 2 different spaces. This method helps you to disconnect from your work easily when you are resting. If you have a study desk in the bedroom, it will cause distraction and stress as it constantly reminds you of work.

2. Sit with a “mountain” behind you

Always position yourself with your back facing a solid wall and facing the door. This symbolizes support from benefactors and also creates a sense of security as you know who is entering the room. Avoid sitting with your back facing the door because you might be easily scared or distracted by sudden movement behind.

Home Office Feng Shui - Back Facing Door
3. Create a space of inspiration

Beside furniture arrangement, an individual mindset is also important to be configured for success. To embrace good energy and a positive vibe in your home office, it is advisable to decorate your work space with inspirational or motivational quotes. It will boost your motivation and work towards your professional goals.

4. Light and Air does matter

It is ideal to have a work space with good air circulation. Be sure to open up the windows to absorb some “Vitamin D” whenever you can. You can also consider to purchase an air purifier or bring in natural plants

Lighting also plays an essential role to improve your home office Feng Shui. If you work in a dim-lit space, it can be straining to your eyes and also drain your energy level too.

If natural light is not attainable, you should use desk lamps to substitute it. However it is ideal to use white lamp, instead of yellow tinted ones.

5. Remove Clutter and Digitise Your Storage

It is important to deal with your storage needs and reduce visual clutter because it may help to boost your productivity. In this digital era, you can get rid of the physical file/books by using digital storage space.

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