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19 Actionable Bite-Sized Feng Shui Tips For Every Room in Your Home

Everyone wants to stay in a home overflowing with love and happiness that can bring good luck into your life. You can achieve this goal by sticking to these essential Feng Shui tips. However, you don’t have to do significant renovations or hacking to implement these Feng Shui guidelines. On top of that, you might even incorporate this ancient art into the modern interior design.

We got you covered with some simple and actionable tips to encourage a good energy flow in your home.

Feng Shui Tips for Main Door / Entrance

1. Keep Main Entrance Clean and Clutter Free

The main entrance, also known as the “Mouth of Chi”, is the entry point for energy, so it is crucial to keep it free of clutter. You should avoid placing shoes, trash bins, brooms and other unwanted items at the main door. It can block or prevent great energy from entering your house. Ensure that you can open the door completely without any obstruction behind.

2. Maintenance Plays a Crucial Part

It would be best to do your due diligence to keep the door in good condition. Clean the door regularly and repair or replace any spoilt locks. It also gives visitors a good impression and might open up new opportunities for you.

front door feng shui tips

3. Mirror Must Not Reflect The Main Entrance

Many people love to place a mirror near the main entrance for convenience. It allows them to have a final check on their appearance before leaving home. There is nothing wrong with that, but avoiding the mirror facing directly towards the door is preferable. You can choose to place the mirrors on the side or position that abide by this Feng Shui rule.

Some practitioners advise against that because they believe that this layout will reflect and repel the energy entering from the door.

4. Door Opening Direction Does Matter

The front door should be opening inwards to welcome and attract the energy into the house instead of pushing it away. You can resolve it by changing the position of the hinge.

Feng Shui Tips for Living Hall

5. Choose the Right Furniture

You can choose furniture with rounded corners instead of getting those with sharp, irregular shapes. The sharp angles of such furniture create cutting energy (Sha Chi) that makes the living hall an uncomfortable space to spend your time with family.

Apart from that, you might get injured accidentally cut by the sharp edges, especially for those with young children.

5. Choose the Right Furniture

You can choose furniture with rounded corners instead of getting those with sharp, irregular shapes. The sharp angles of such furniture create cutting energy (Sha Chi) that makes the living hall an uncomfortable space to spend your time with family.

Apart from that, you might get injured accidentally cut by the sharp edges, especially for those with young children.

6. Bring in Lots of Lighting

We should embrace our living room with natural lighting as much as possible. Lighting produces Yang’s masculine energy, representing growth and vitality that can help to uplift the spirit. Open your windows whenever at home to bring in the lighting and improve the air ventilation.

living room feng shui tips

7. Place the Sofa against the Wall

The sofa is the crucial furniture in the living hall, and many people like to float it in the middle of the room. This configuration is poor Feng Shui because you will feel vulnerable without any support. If you don’t believe it, try it.

It would be best to always position the sofa against a solid wall to feel secure and not be disturbed by any movements behind you. In addition, avoid placing mirrors or windows behind the couch too.

8. Place Sofa in The Command Position

Besides having wall support, you should also position the sofa in the command position. It means that you should be sitting in a location with a view of anyone entering the house without being directly in line with the door. This layout makes you feel secure and will not be startled by the slightest movement at the door.

Feng Shui Tips for Kitchen

9. Cleanliness and Proper Hygiene – Key to Good Health

The kitchen is where we prepare our food, representing our health, especially for the female owner. Therefore, we should always keep this space clean and neat. It helps avoid attracting insects, like cockroaches, ants or even rodents. In addition, uncleaned food remains will build up bacteria that can lead to hygiene problems or even food poisoning.

In short, a clean and uncluttered kitchen brings you good health, while a dirty one brings you terrible Feng Shui.

10. Keep The Sharp Objects Out of Sight

Sharp objects such as knives or scissors create a form of negative Feng Shui energies known as “Sha Chi”, which is harmful to the occupants. Therefore you should keep them away in the drawers. It is also a safety measure to keep the sharp objects out of plain sight to avoid accidental cuts or injuries.

kitchen feng shui tips sharp objects

11. Maintain Stove Working and Clean

The kitchen is the place for cooking meals, and the stove is essential in this space to create food. Besides that, many Feng Shui practitioners also mentioned that the furnace could bring wealth energies into your home. However, a spoilt stove will do the opposite by gathering bad chi in the living space.

Always keep your stove clean and functional and ensure that all the burners are working.

12. Deep Clean Your Fridge

The refrigerator is closely associated with the household’s wealth status. If you keep plenty of food, it symbolizes prosperity and abundance. In contrast, if the fridge is empty or filled with expired stuff, it signifies an adverse financial situation. So always remember to keep your fridge clean and full of good food.

Feng Shui Tips for Bedroom

13. Minimize Electronic Devices And Screens in Bedroom

The bedroom is a space for us to rest and rejuvenate after a long day. So if we have electronic devices such as TV, mobile phones, laptop or monitor that emit blue light in the room, it can affect our sleep and be harmful to our health. Besides that, they also create Yang energy, makings it hard for you to fall asleep.

14. Less Is More

Adopting a minimalist bedroom concept is good because too much junk or clutter can create unnecessary stress. Resist the temptation to bring in bulky pieces of furniture or store unwanted things in the bedroom.

We recommend minimizing the clutter in the bedroom to improve sleep quality, which eventually leads to better health.

bedroom feng shui tips

15. Install Headboard For Your Bed

It is essential to have a sturdy and solid headboard fastened to your bed frame. Besides providing you with a good night’s sleep, having a good headboard will help to improve all aspects of life. That includes relationships, health and wealth.

16. Choose Soothing Colours

Some people paint every room in different colours based on their birth element. However, we recommend using earth-toned colours to create a restful atmosphere for the bedroom. Do not use bright colours such as red because they can be too stimulating, which makes people hard to get to sleep.

Feng Shui Tips for Bathroom

17. Fix the Leaky Faucet

In Feng Shui, water represents wealth, so if you have a broken faucet, you have an outflow of money, such as unexpected expenses. Besides that, it also makes sense because your water bill will shoot up with that wastage.

Therefore, always fix any spoilt faucet or blocked drainage to avoid accumulating stagnant and negative energies that are unfavourable to the occupants. This rule is also applicable to the water faucet in the kitchen.

18. Always Close Bathroom Door When Not in Use

The bathroom has a bad reputation for creating an unfavourable Feng Shui. It is a place of filth, so you should keep the door shut to minimise good energy from flowing away. In addition, it will also be more visually appealing if the door is closed.

Closing the toilet door is especially crucial in situations where the bedroom door, kitchen door, or main door is facing the toilet.

bathroom feng shui tips house

19. Keep the Bathroom Clean and Fresh

It would be best if you could open the windows to improve air ventilation and install proper lighting. Use an air freshener if possible. All these changes can help to encourage positive energy inside the toilet.

I hope you have benefited from these home Feng Shui tips that build the fundamentals to create a house filled with positivity. However, it is not necessary to deep dive into the advanced techniques if these tips work for you.

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