Feng Shui Rules

Feng Shui Rules Every House Owners Should Know

According to Chinese ancient art or the modernized environmental science, Feng Shui is all about tapping and harnessing positive energy into space. It is to create a balanced and harmonious living or working space with the right Feng Shui rules.

It is widely believed that wealth and prosperity, good fortune and health, romance can be achieved if you have applied the rules in the right way. Let’s go started and learn the Feng Shui rules for the 3 most important areas of the house that every house owner should prioritize. They are namely the main entrance, bedroom, and kitchen (stove).

main door feng shui rules

Main Entrance or Door

The main entrance is also known as the “Mouth of Chi”, where energies enter, so it is important to keep this area in check.

  • Do not choose a house that the front and back doors are aligned: If you have such a situation, good energy cannot be accumulated.
  • Keep it clean and clutter-less: Avoid footwear or any clutter at your doorstep. Besides the unappealing visual of the mess, it might also obstruct the energy flow.
  • Do not choose houses with the main door facing a T-Junction, any sharp corners, big tree or lamppost: It might increase the chance of accidents for the household members
bedroom feng shui rules


  • Bedroom should be well ventilated and have ample lighting. It will encourage a positive vibe and disperse the stagnant energy by opening your windows regularly
  • Avoid sharp corners of furniture, for example, wardrobe, bedside table, or wall corners pointing at your bed. These corners create “poison arrow” that have a negative impact on your health
  • Do not sleep under an exposed beam as it gives the person sleeping under it an oppressive feeling. Therefore, it leads to poor sleep quality and eventually causes your health to deteriorate
  • It is recommended to sleep in a bed with a bed board leaning against a solid wall. It gives you support and grounding energy. Avoid sleeping under a window or in the center of the room
  • It is good to avoid sleeping with your leg facing directly to the bedroom door. The energy might rush in towards your bed, causing sleepless night
kitchen stove feng shui rules

Kitchen (Stove)

  • It is preferable to avoid positioning your stove in close proximity to your sink. Any distance lesser than 30cm is not acceptable. The reason is to avert the fire-water clash that is unfavorable for health, especially those conditions associated with your heart
  • If you plan to have a open concept kitchen, bad news for you, especially if you installed the stove in the center of the kitchen island. In such a position, you are exposed and there is no support. It creates a space of unbalanced energy and causes health issues. Practically, it is also hard to upkeep such a kitchen because the smoke will circulate to all rooms once you start to cook.

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