Fortune Telling Really Works

Does Fortune Telling Really Works? Expectation Versus Reality

Before we deep dive into unveiling the mystery of fortune telling, let’s first get the fundamental right and understand what fortune telling is all about.

Five Arts of Chinese Metaphysics

Over the past thousand years, the Chinese has segregated the Chinese metaphysics into 5 studies, namely Mountain 山, Medicine 医, Life 命, Divination 卜and Appearance 相.

Fortune telling belongs to the Life 命 that includes, but not limited to the destiny analysis tool like the most commonly used Ba Zi (Four Pillars) and Zi Wei Dou Shu (Purple Star Astrology), horoscope and many others.

What can Fortune Telling Really Achieve?

Now, you already know that Fortune Telling falls under the category of Life. It often give people a perspective that it is a practice of predicting past, current and the future of an individual. But have you ever pondered if is it really the case?

Instead of using the word “predicting” the future, it is more like a deductive reasoning process based on the given information generated using your birth time/date. 命理其实是一种推理学.

Let’s use this situation as an example. If you are a farmer and want to work hard to provide for your family but it is the winter season now.

Take a minute to give it a thought.

1. Is your farming skill is a limitation to harvest?

2. Is it because of the quality of the seeds that has impact on this situation?

3. Is it because you are not working hard enough?

All of the above points are invalid because it is the external environment and timing that are causing this harsh situation and for this example, it is due to the winter season.

In life, it also adopt the same cycle of Spring, Autumn, Summer and Winter

Spring is the season of growth and thrive in your life. This is the time for you to get motivated and put in hard effort and time to plant the seeds.

Summer is the time when you sow in the Spring and reap. This is also the time to identify and remove any hurdles that act as a road block from reaching your goals and also keep watering the seeds.

In Fall, it is the time to reap. The hard work and effort that you have contributed in Spring are coming to an end. During this period, take some time to celebrate over those things that have met your goal and also learn from the mistake and lesson along the journey.

Reflect, Acknowledge, Learn from it and move on.

Winter is the season of your life when you paused and devise the plan to move forward. For example, at this point of writing, Corona Virus (Covid-19) has been widely spread globally and affecting many people’s life. This might be considered as a Winter Season for most of the human kinds.

In life, everyone has their own periods of seasons. Some people are in the spring season for months, while some are in the winter season for years. So are you doing the right thing at your current season?

Fortune Telling – GPS Guide In Life

Instead of “branding” fortune telling as a superstition or scam, it can be a good GPS to guide you in life if used correctly.

It can act as a reference guide in making informed decisions in life, if you should be more defensive or aggressive at the current situation. For example, if you want the car to bring you to a specified destination (your goal), the crucial factor is the driver and not on the GPS. The decision making still fall back to driver who will make his choices that are shown on the GPS.

There is a Chinese saying : “事在人为” meaning human effort is the decisive factor. When there is a will, there is a way.

Sorry bad news for those who just want to know the future outcome and forecast without putting any effort to reap the outcome, fortune telling does not work for you.

Since fortune telling does not really work, it mean that we have the choice of re-wiring our destiny based on the deductions that is generated using our birth date/time. We can also referred it as our Life Road Map or Life Destiny Blueprint.

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