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Zi Wei Dou Shu Palace – The Untold Intepretation

By now, you should already grasp some basic of this school of thought, for example, what Zi Wei Dou Shu is, the natal chart that is calculated with your birth date/time. Today, we will cover on the interpretation of Zi Wei Dou Shu palace.

From your own natal Zi Wei Dou Shu chart, you should be able to see 12 boxes that are systematically displayed in a fixed pattern as shown below. These boxes are known as Zi Wei Dou Shu palaces (宫位) that reveal our attitudes towards the different aspects of life which we covered in a while.

The palace is one of the most essential components in the chart. Although each individual has a unique chart, everyone has these 12 same palaces but might differ in the position.

How a Zi Wei Dou Shu Palace Look Like

Destiny Chart

Life/Self Palace (命宫)

It unveils your inborn capabilities, character, physical appearance, belief, values strength and shortcoming. It can also largely influence the other palaces since it is main brain of the chart. If you are looking for purpose in your life, this palace is the one to look into. 

Parents Palace (父母宫)

It indicates your view of your father or the person that raised you up and any genetic inheritance. 

Spiritual Palace (福德宫)

It represents your sub-conscious mind, emotional and spiritual condition, your blessing and luck in life. In additional, it also indicates your earning capabilities. 

Property Palace (田宅宫)

It exhibits your desired requirement of your dream home (for example, some people like to live in bustling area, while some loves quiet place). You can also see if your house has good or bad feng shui in this palace. It represents the abilities to accumulate your wealth and assets. This also apply to the attitude towards your family and loved ones. 

Career Palace (官禄宫)

It stands for your approach and attitude towards your work. It unveils your style of studying and working, career suitability/specialization. In our experience, when an individual choose to work in the specialization that is suitable for them based on their Zi Wei Dou Shu chart, they are usually more successful and happy as compered to those who are not.

It can also represents your relationship with your superiors/bosses, for example, to determine if you have any benefactors supporting you in your career progression.

Friends Palace (交友宫)

It demonstrates your socializing style with your peers and colleague. It also represents the communication style with friends or birth siblings (opposite gender). 

Travel Palace (迁移宫)

It indicates the person’s outer character in social situation and also how others look at you. It also represents your inner world of thoughts and ideas.

Health Palace (疾厄宫)

In this palace, you can get to know your health condition, specifically to which part of the body that you need to take extra caution. Beside that, you can also deduct one’s physical appearance.

Wealth Palace (财帛宫)

It represents your financial management style (if you are aggressive or passive) and also the way you spend money. In summary, it stands for how you manage the inflow and outflow of your wealth.

Children Palace (子女宫)

It represents the attitudes towards your children and the type of parenting style you have. If you are married, it also means how you look at your mother-in-law.

Spouse Palace (夫妻宫)

It reveals your selection preferences of your other half and how you manage and build love relationship.

Note: It does not represent a particular person, for example, your wife or husband.

Siblings Palace (兄弟宫)

This represent how you see your mother as a person and also the attitudes towards your same gender siblings. If you are married, it also means how you look at your father-in-law.


After getting to know the representation each Zi Wei Dou Shu palace, what is next? You will need to:

– Understand and decode the meaning of the stars that reside in the palace in a modern context.

– Study the co-relationship on each palace, for example, if you want to further know about yourself, the combination of the life, travel, spiritual palaces must be deciphered together, instead of just looking the life palace.

– Decode the coexistence of the 3 main charts (natal, 10 years period and annual)

If you love our article, stay tuned for more.

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