Chinese Fortune Telling
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Chinese Fortune Telling – Top 5 Myths Debunked and Explained

Chinese fortune telling, also known as Suan Ming is a popular divination technique to help one to predict fortune, especially in the Asian countries. It has leveraged various ancient tools like Zi Wei Dou Shu – Purple Astrology, Bazi, and many others.

Supposedly it should be a useful tool to serve as a navigational compass in our life to foresee the future and design our destiny. But unfortunately, it has been used by many “fortune tellers” as a tool to make money, forsaking the real purpose of Chinese fortune telling.

If Chinese fortune-telling is being used in an unethical or incorrect way, it can cause tragedy and always lead to regrets in life. While writing this article, coincidentally there is a news headline about an old lady has given her child away because the fortune-teller told her that this child’s Bazi conflicted with hers and if the child stays with her, the mother’s health will deteriorate. Due to this “advice”, this mother has regretted 60 over years. 

This example is just one of the many untold stories heard that has brought unhappiness or fear to a person’s life because of Chinese fortune telling. This is also the main reason why many people avoid fortune telling like a plague. If you happen to go to such a session that instill fear for an upselling purpose, walk away immediately. Today we will share the common list of misconceptions or myths with an explanation.

Top 5 Myths Debunked In Chinese Fortune Telling

Chinese Fortune Telling myth debunk explained

1. Will I Have A Bad Fortune Or Short Life If I Keep Going To Fortune-Telling?

You have probably heard this advice from your elderly at home or through someone else’s friends’ friend. It might be their good intention to prevent you from getting overly superstitious and lost your own judgment.

People usually go for Chinese fortune telling because they might be going through some hardship or hurdles in life. They want to search for an answer so they rely on fortune tellers, but what if they found an incompetent one. This situation is similar to looking for a good doctor to treat your illness. If you encounter a good one, they will lead you to overcome but in contrast, a bad one will make you suffer.

If you keep fortune telling hopping, there is a possibility that you might be given different answers. It will lead to confusion and eventually make you feel hopeless in life.

So the answer is “NO”, there is no such thing as bad fortune if you keep going for fortune-telling

Chinese Fortune Telling destined mistress

2. Is It True That I Am Destined To Be Someone’s Mistress (小三命)?

Congrats, first of all, it means that you must be at least possess the traits of charismatic and charming attributes. No one is destined to be someone’s mistress.

It is merely the attitude toward our love relationships. For some, they get contented in a relationship easily and do not need any titles or other things in return. For some, love and relationship is one aspect that they hold more dearly and to pursue in life and thus they may be more willing to accept courtship from those who are already married. Everyone has different values towards relationship and thus not necessary have to be someone’s mistress in order to fulfil these attributes. 

ne Telling bad fortune

3. Is It True That I Will Bring Bad Fortune To My Parents/Other half(克父/克母/克夫/克妻)?

This might be the most absurd question I have ever heard from my clients. They claimed that some masters told them that their birth element clashes with their spouse/father/children and advise against staying together. Even worse, they are being told that they have a life destined to get divorced.

Think again, people get divorced because they don’t know the right way to connect well with the other half. It can cause a breakdown in communication and eventually lead to divorce as a result. Most will tell you the outcome but not the root cause of it.

The most ridiculous part is that a child can bring misfortune to the parents (either mother or father). This is so as some believes that when a child is born, either is to pay a debt of gratitude (报恩) or to demand the payment of a debt (讨债). At the end of the day, it is still boils down to the right parenting communication style.

ne Telling children luck

4. Is It True That I Am Destined To Have A Number Of Children Or Not To Have Any Child At All? 

In the ancient times, there is no such concept as birth control or assisted pregnancy, however at this modern era, we are overwhelmed with choices. Thus it may not be as accurate as to predict in the past.

In the destiny chart, it can reveal if you might have difficulty in conceiving, in terms of health condition or hereditary DNA or not able to have intimate relationship due to environmental factors. But in our current world, it can be overcome by using modern medical technology like IVF or online video conferencing, which do not exist in the past.

Chinese Fortune Telling true love

5. When And Where Can I Find My True Love/Perfect One (正缘)?

 Are you finding it hard to meet the right one or still wondering if the current partner is the one to stay together in life? In fact, when you have enjoyable times with your loved one be it only for 3 months, 3 years or even 30 years and the times together is also captured as memorable moments in your life, the person will consider to have the right affinity relationship with you, at that moment of your life. 

Thus it is not right to deem that your true love or perfect one will be the last person that you met and will be with you till eternity and result you to keep waiting or changing partners to look for the perfect one.  

In Zi Wei Dou Shu chart, the spouse palace denotes the attitudes towards your love relationship. Thus it is recommended to understand your partner and yourself when both of you are in the relationship, cherish and appreciate the person with the right communication style.

Chinese fortune telling is not a tool that gives you a quick solution to your problem and worst to believe the fortune teller blindly and lose your own judgement.

it should help you to understand your inner self and foresee your future to make informed decisions in life and helps you to lead a better and fruitful life. 


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