Destined to Get Divorced

Destined to Get Divorced? Can You Really See it in Your Zi Wei Dou Shu Chart?

Based on the statistics, divorce rate is on the climbing trend and it seems to be common among your loved ones or relatives. Do you know why married couple dissolve their marriage? One of the most ridiculous reason that I have heard is that she has 离婚命 (a life that is destined to get divorced).

She was told by a so-called master that she has such a life after reading her Zi Wei Dou Shu chart. This thought has been lingering around her mind for a few years and she called it accurate when it really happens. But is this really the case of accuracy, coincidence, or law of attraction taking place?

From the perspective of interpreting the Zi Wei Dou Shu chart in the modern context, there is no such thing. If someone tells you that, just walk away. In the natal chart, there is spouse palace, and it represents our attitude towards our relationship. Let’s look at how one of the 4 transformation affect you when it is in your spouse’s palace.

Intepreting Your Spouse Palace in Modern Context

If you have 化权 in spouse palace – It represent that you are a person who wants to take authority and control over your love relationship. If you meet someone with this same attitude, there are bound to be more clashes in the relationship. Knowing this in advance allows you to change and subscribe to the right method to keep this relationship in blissful mode. Of course, it also requires 2 parties’ involvement too.

Note: This is for general reference because it still depends on the star that is in the palace too.

Now you know that there is no such thing as “destined to get divorce”, so how do I know if I can be more successful in love relationship ?

People get separated from their significant one because of different values, personality and many other factors. We are all born as a separate entity with unique background, so no one is born alike with the same traits.

Destiny Chart spouse palace

Tell Tales Signs of Failing Marriage

Putting astrology aside, here are some tell tales sign that your marriage is failing.

1. You are too critical to each other and nitpicking on weaknesses too frequently

2. Different thoughts and ways of raising children might lead to many disagreements and disputes. In the long run, it further deteriorates your relationship. This also relates to decision making.

3. If someone else is always on your mind, it might be a sign of marriage breakdown that leads to a 3rd party intervention

4. If trust is lacking in the relationship, it might be another sign.

In the nutshell, it boils down to knowing each other and applying the right communication style. If you can do it, you have increased your chance of fostering and nurturing a blissful marriage.

Plot your chart now and learn your attitudes towards your relationship.

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