18 Fascinating Life Lessons To Learn From Watching Squid Game

Have you watched the latest Korean drama, Squid Game? It is the first Korean series to rank number 1 on the Netflix and has been a popular topic . First, let’s give you a brief story of Squid game. It narrates the story of a group of desperate people who are living on the edge with debts that cannot be paid off. They are contesting for 45.6 billion won by taking part in 6 old-time Korean games. However, it is no normal kids game because they will risk losing their life if failed.

Besides the intense and mind blowing scenes, the show has also taught us some life lessons in reality that are good to ponder upon.

squid game 1

Image from Squid Games on Netflix

Red Light, Green Light 

1. Life Is Not A Race (Everyone Has Different Pace to Reach Their Goal)

This game has taught us an important lesson that speed is not the main factor in life and everyone has their own pace. The first person who rushes to his goal hastily is the first person to be defeated in the game. However, it does not also mean to take your own sweet time since there is a 5 mins time limit in the game.

2. Take Steps Toward The Goal With Strategies (Hiding Behind Someone To Move Forward)

This is clearly illustrated in the game that you can hide behind someone to prevent being monitored or shot. It is the strategy the winners used to reach the finishing line.

3. Timer in Life (5 Minutes Timer)

There are some people who hesitate to take their steps forward because of fear. These are the person who have lost out in the game when the timer is up. In reality, this is related to missing the trend in the market and loses the first mover’s advantage.

squid game 2

Image from Squid Games on Netflix


4. Everything in life is a choice (Choose the 4 shapes)

In daily life, decision making is inevitable in our personal or professional life based on the situation we are in. They can be as trivial as deciding what you want to eat for lunch to major life events, like changing job. They never stop coming.

5. Foreseen is Forearmed (Player knowing the game beforehand choose the easiest shape )

If you have a tool to leverage that can foretell upcoming events, it enables you to make an informed decision.

6. There Is No Right Decision, Just Make The Decision Right (Gi-Hun Chose The Most Difficult Shape of Umbrella

Even when he chose the most difficult shape, he still resolves it with the right mindset and strategy to win the game in the end. Whatever decision we make in life, even if it is tough, we can make it right.

squid game tug of war

Image from Squid Games on Netflix

Tug of War

7. Good Start Without a Good Strategy Leads To Failure

Life is like a game of mahjong, start with the good cards does not guarantee a definite win in the game. Just because you have a great team does not mean that victory is on your side. It is well illustrated in this tug-of-war game of Squid game. The “bad guy” team obviously has an upper hand with all the strong men, but they lose in the end. But the weaker team prevail with a proper strategy executed.

The lesson from this game leads us pondering about our destiny. People believed that If you have a good head start, like born in a wealthy family, support from parents, you are “destined” to succeed in life. However, if you do not play the card strategically throughout your life journey, it can also lead to a miserable life. We also seen kids from a poor background can outperform rich man kids too.

8. Bad Start Does Not Give You a Definite Failure – (Gi-Hun’s Team Emerged Winner In The End)

In this game, the weakest team has emerged winner. This is because they have met a noblemen – Player 001 that gives them the winning formula. With the correct strategy and execution, you can make the best out of the worst to win in life.

9. Choice of Team Players Plays a Key Role in Success (Just Imagine If Their Leader is Han Mi-Nyeo – The Crazy Woman)

Even with a good strategy, you still need a good leader to steer the team forward. If you choose the wrong one, the morale of the team will be messed up.

marble game squid game

Image from Squid Games on Netflix


10. Change Strategy, Not Goals (Different Choice of Games Decided by the Teams)

In this game, the aim is to win all 10 marbles from your partner and you can choose to play any games. Some choose to cheat, betray, sacrifice, leverage on their strength to achieve this goal. Similarly, in life, there is always more than a way to achieve what you want. It depends on individual preference and best on your advantages and potential.

11. Life in Unpredictable and Luck Sometimes Matters (Change of Marble Direction)

You might think that you are winning or having an upper hand, but a twist of luck can change your life totally. In contrast, if you are having a bad time at some points in life, don’t give up easily because luck might change for better.

12. Just A Thin Line Between Benefactor and Villain (Betrayal and Sacrifice)

Gi-Hun, the main lead, initially thought that he was helping player 001 to avoid being eliminated in the game. But it turned out that player 001 is his benefactor who handed over his last marble to Gi-Hun, helping him to win. In the other scenario, Ali always thought that Sang-Woo is his benefactor, but he turned his back against him in the end.

In life, we are always looking for noblemen/benefactors for support and also avoid people with evil intention. But do you know that benefactor today might turn his back against you? It is not forever and is clearly illustrated in our Zi Wei Dou Shu chart. Even benefactor has their life span based on our luck cycle.

glass bridge squid game

Image from Squid Games on Netflix

Glass Bridge  – When In Doubt, Ask For Professional Advice

13. Self Claimed or Real Expert? (There are 2 Players Claiming to Be Able To See The Difference Between The Mirrors)

In the first glance, we might think of this glass bridge as a game of luck, but it changed when there comes an expert that can see the differences.

In life, we sometimes follow our feel and take the step into the unknown, also called the leap of faith, without knowing what lies ahead. How good if we can have an expert view to avoid jumping into the black hole?

There is a commonly asked question in my profiling session with my clients – “Should I start up my business?”. Before even looking into the destiny chart, I will analyse their current situation with some questions.

– Is this just a push factor that they are unhappy with their current job?

– Do they always have a business plan?

– Are they all prepared?

After that, we will go in depth into the chart to strategize leveraging on their strength and avoiding the blind spot.

In life, be careful who you trust, he/she might be a self pro-claimed expert that might cause a dent in your life. It might be hard to identify the authentic deal in real life. The best way to check with your friends for recommendations. You can even check the review section on their website or social media platform.

14. Real Expert Has Their Limitation Too (This Happen When the Frontman Adjust The Lighting Setting)

Noone can claim to be invincible because even the real expert has their limitation or external factors that they cannot control. In Zi Wei Dou Shu reading, there is limitation too because we cannot control our client’s action.

15. Avoid Making Major Decision When You Are Down on Luck (Player 96 Offering to Go First)

Do you know it is good to avoid making any major life-changing decision if you are down on your luck? It can be from job changing, starting a new business to selecting a new house. The choice will be more favorable when you are having a good luck.

squid game last

Image from Squid Games on Netflix

Squid Game 

16. Compassion Wins Over Intelligence (Gi-Hun Emerge Winner, why?)

In this last game, you might have noticed that Sang-Woo who is always plotting to win has given up with little struggle. Is he conscience-stricken at his last breath?

17. Life is More than Just Win or Lose

When you watch the Squid Game series till this point, there is only obvious aim to kill to win. It is by killing the other party to become the last standing emerging winner. There is a twist when Gi-Hun offer to give up the game, but Sang-Woo rejected the offer. What if he takes up the offer to accept the draw? Both of them will still be alive and of course without the prize. The key takeaway is that there is more than just winning or losing in life. It is the journey of experiencing and learning in life.

18. Is Money Everything In Life? (Gi-Hun Giving Up To Save His Friend)

We can agree that money is important in life, but not everything. It cannot buy us time, friendship, love, health or even our life.

Aside the thriller-packed scenes from the Squid Game, hope you have learnt some life lessons.

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