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Things You Should Know Before A Zi Wei Dou Shu Astrology Reading

You have finally decided to get your birth chart read by going to an astrology reading. Perhaps you are facing obstacles or getting stuck in life. Or maybe you wish to explore and understand your personality at a deeper level to unravel your full potential. You might be lost in the dark sea and like to seek some direction to navigate to the light for your next step in life.

There are many types of astrology reading to choose from. The most popular ones are Zi Wei Dou Shu imperial astrology and Pillar of destiny BaZi. Which method is better? Read our article on Zi Wei Dou Shu versus Bazi Reading.

Here are 5 things you should learn before you go to any forms of astrology reading.

1. Debunk the myth

astrology reading myth

It has been a common misconception that astrology reading is a shortcut to resolve one’s issue in life in just a single session. Here are some typical examples that most people will ask and demand a direct yes/no answer.

  • Can I quit my job?
  • Should I get divorced?
  • Will I get married?

This is simply misleading. Our consultants’ roles are to analyse and view your situation from a different perspective using the ancient tools. They typically decode the birth chart and analyse the cause and effect.

For example, you might have this accountant friend that keeps changing companies but only blame the boss/colleagues/work environment. But is this really the case? Does the problem point back to oneself? Some people pursue their career based on their studies, but does it really suit their personalities? Think again.

2. Know your intention and destiny is in your own hand

astrology reading destiny
It is good to understand the aim you like to achieve from the session so that our consultants can focus on it. This will help you better benefit from the session. It might be related to any aspects of your journey, like career, love relationship, etc.

A good consultant can guide you by understanding the choices you have, but decision making is still lies in your own hand.

3. It does not belong to any religion

Zi Wei Dou Shu and other methods are just tools used by our consultants to decipher the birth chart. It does not take any references to any religions.

4. Not magic or any form of sorcery

astrology reading is not magic
Astrology has nothing to do with magic or any psychic happening, but people like to link it with unexplained mysteries. The main component of the reading is your birth chart because it is established on how the universe looks upon your birth with your first breath. That is the reason the accuracy of the birth chart interpretation depends a lot on your birth date and time.

5. No need to purchase any “do-all-wonder” absurdly high-priced products

Purchasing of any products does not resolve any issues or blind spot in your chart. In order to improve, it all boils down to yourself to put in his own effort and determination to transform into a better self.

For example, if your marriage is already on the rock, do you think buying an object can help to mend the relationship?

In conclusion, your destiny is in your hand. If you are prepared to take full charge of your life, take action and transform, you are ready to go for an astrology reading.

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