Zi Wei Dou Shu Explanation

Zi Wei Dou Shu Explanation on the 13th Palace – The Key Priority in Life

A Zi Wei Dou Shu chart might looks simple, but it is much more complex in explanation and interpretation. From the peek at the chart, you can see 12 obvious palaces with names attached to them. But do you know that there is a hidden 13th palace to take into consideration when interpreting the destiny chart, what is that?

It is the 身宫 that is indicated in our destiny natal chart. It defines and reveals an individual’s lifetime goal that he/she wants to achieve. The position of this palace depends on your birth time. Unlike the 10 years cycle and annual chart, this palace is fixed and does not change.

Based on many traditional Zi Wei Dou Shu books or practitioners, the 13th palace is only taken into consideration after an individual reaches the age of 35, but this might not be the case. It should be used when one is independent without external help, for example, parents and etc. It differs for each person because we all have different family backgrounds and stay in a different environment or era. For illustration, someone from a poor family might need to start working at the age of 18 to support the household, so the 身宫 should be based on the age of 18.

Zi Wei Dou Shu Explanation Of The 13th Palace (身宫) in Each Palace

Zi Wei Dou Shu Explaination 13 Palaces

The position of the 13th palace is calculated and derived using the time of birth.

Travel Palace (born at the time of 0500hrs-0700hrs / 1700hrs-1900hrs)

This palace represents the attitude you have or display in your social network and also cares about how people see you. In another word, they are concerned in saving their face and sensitive to one’s pride.

Career Palace (born at the time of 0300hrs-0500hrs / 1500hrs-1700hrs)

This category of people attach high importance to their career and usually be labeled as “workaholics”. The reason they value their career depends largely on the characteristic of the stars that are in the palace. It might be due to monetary gains, self-satisfaction, or passion and happiness.

Self Palace (born at the time of 2300hrs-0100hrs / 1100hrs-1300hrs)

They like to stick to their own principles and are seldom affected by external factors. In the nutshell, they are stubborn and do not like to listen to advice.

Wealth Palace (born at the time of 0700hrs-0900hrs / 1900hrs-2100hrs)

This person’s ultimate goal in life is to earn more money and anything pertaining to wealth can affect his/her mood directly.

Spiritual Palace (born at the time of 0100hrs-0300hrs / 1300hrs-1500hrs)

This type of person pays attention to the quality of life and emphasis spiritual/emotional health.

Spouse Palace (born at the time of 0900hrs-1100hrs / 2100hrs-2300hrs)

These people place a strong emphasis on love relationships and enjoy the joy of family life. They are committed to the other half but can also be easily affected by him/her too.

Note: Above are just general descriptions based on the location of the 13th palace without interpreting the stars inside.

After knowing the location of your 13th palace, the next step is to decode the characteristics of the stars inside. For example, if the 13th palace is in the wealth palace and the star residing inside is the general, it means that this person places a strong emphasis on money success and his wealth is accumulated by hard work. What is yours?

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