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Fate vs Destiny – Know The Differences To Change Your Life Completely

Do you know the differences between your fate vs destiny? It is extremely important to know them before you go to any “fortune telling” or Destiny reading.

First, what is fate? Fate is predetermined that you are born with and cannot be altered. They are your parents and siblings who you cannot choose, the country you are born in, family background, etc.

Unlike fate, Destiny can be changed and is not set in concrete stone. Destiny results from your choices and decisions in life.

Let’s use playing mahjong as an analogy. Fate is just like the first 13 tiles you draw and the Destiny change every time you throw based on your decision. For example, you might have a beautiful set of winning tiles initially but if you keep on throwing the wrong tiles, it still results in losing despite the good start.

A Peek at Fate vs Destiny

Predetermined and cannot be changeCan be change through choice, decision and action taken
What you are born withWhat you do with what you are born with, you are in control of your destiny
Fate involve external opportunities or encounters (for example, if you meet a girl in a party, this is fate)Destiny is the action and decision taken with the given opportunity. If you decided to woo her and she might become your girlfriend or wife. However if you decide not to take action, nothing will happen.

Can I Really Change My Destiny and How?

Fate vs Destiny choice

If you have the heart to learn and grow, it is just a matter of time that you will develop into a better you. Here are some tips if you will want to attain your highest potential:

1. Develop self awareness – It is good to understand yourself, for example, hidden potential, motivation in life and more. You can uncover these by using Zi Wei Dou Shu or Bazi profiling 

2. Be yourself – Learn to be yourself and not following other’s footstep, mimicking everything he/she does, hoping to become him/her. For example, you can follow the investment techniques by Warren Buffett, but can you really be another Warren buffet? 

3. Prepare yourself to be uncomfortable to be comfortable – if you want to change the destiny, you will need to get out of your comfort zone and do something different. It can be scary and uncomfortable to take this leap of faith, but follow your intuition.

In conclusion, fate vs destiny may seem like an unimportant debate. But ask yourself, “ Are you living your fate or changing your destiny now?”

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